Sustainability and Quality Control

At Innova we believe in a sustainable approach towards our planet, and to achieve this, we are completely FSC norms compliant (responsibly sourced paper) by sourcing our material from world renowned mills. The products we manufacture are done under stringent quality controlled production practices.

Sustainability vision

Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions is our stronghold. Throughout our product and services range we ensure that we meet our client’s need in the most cost effective and safest possible way. The raw materials we use and the engineering process we follow are envisioned to deliver peace of mind now and to the next generation. At Innova Printing & Packaging Co Pvt Ltd, we believe that sustainability comes in three forms:

Quality Control Standards

We believe that the first step of quality are the employees themselves. It is with their dedication, hard work and knowledge that we can serve our esteemed clientele to the best of our capability. All of our production staff are given the necessary training and updated knowledge on the latest in printing technology so that they can get the experience needed to understand even the most demanding of customer requests, and to offer a superior service to our esteemed clientele.

Our Quality Control lab is upgraded frequently and all equipment are recalibrated periodically to main the accuracy. Having the ISO 9001-2015 certification for quality in production states the promise our mission entails for the customer.

All material supplied by Innova Printing & Packaging Co Pvt Ltd, are responsibly sourced and the material utilized for packaging are sourced from world renown mills, made under stringent quality controlled production processes.


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